Here I feature female entrepreneurs who work with interior design. Small businesses should be supported, especially when they are run by strong women with extraordinary visions. 

I have been an independent entrepreneur myself in the past (as a copywriter and editor) and I know how much work it takes to succeed. This goes for all small businesses, ran by male or female bosses, but the statistics are not lying: us females need to be better at promoting ourselves. That is why I like to contribute to the visibility of small female-run businesses by dedicating a big part of my blog to it.

May these ladies be our inspiration and support.

Hemma Interiors

Matilda Kristoffersson is all about designing with the heart. She encourages her clients to choose an interior design scheme based on their feelings, and not on what might be on trend.


Lana accidently stumbled upon her dream profession, when she all of a sudden she realised, she could put her own mark on the traditional Russian matryoska dolls.

Dino Raw

We can’t get enough of the colourful, hand illustrated dinosaurs from Dino Raw, by Sarah, who started illustrating for her boys and now sells her dino products around the globe.

Nicole Varga Interior Design

Nicole own her own interior design business, where she designs, consults and styles for her clients, via face to face meetings but also as an online.


Michelle-Marie is the mind behind the creative universe Flair, where she designs, shares and sells her unique creations, such as custom made rainbows, plant hangers and scrunchies.