Inspiration: George and Janelle

Janelle Burnett’s house is constantly evolving. She calls her ever changing interior style jokingly a permanent design crisis, but her 22.200 Instagram followers beg to differ. With loads of DIY’s and budget tips, Janelle is a constant inspiration.

Inspirational design crisis

Where: Mission Viejo, California, USA 

Who: Janelle (34), George (39), Sienna (3) and Carson (1) 

Type of house: Detached home 

Living surface: 2100 square feet /195 m2

In a nutshell: Modern bohemian with coastal vibes

The Burnett family lives in a detached, two story home in Mission Viejo, Southern California, USA. The property measures 2100 square feet and has three bathrooms and four bedrooms. When the couple bought the house, it was dated both in its layout and interior design. Janelle laughs: “There was carpet in the bathroom and an ironing board in the master bathroom. We quickly got rid of both of those items.” And that was not all. To get the house of their dreams, the couple decided to remodel their entire home.

Janelle: “When we remodeled it, my husband had a ton of say. Since we did most of the work on our own, he would tell me what would work and not for certain spaces in terms of layouts. He was also very good at initiating and coordinating big projects like knocking down walls. I would then choose the design once the rooms were ready for decorating.”

The couple is really good at making their money go a long way. Janelle: “We did the entire remodeling for under 63k. I try to do everything DIY if I can. Or if I find it cheap and can fix it up, I love doing that too. It helps that George is really into DIY projects as well and can research anything and figure it out. I will tell him an idea and he will do the research to help me execute it.” 

Janelle’s creativity and George’s DIY-skills have led to an ever evolving inter design scheme, which at the moment draws from boho influences, coastal vibes and a Scandinavian color scheme. Janelle jokingly says “I guess I have a constant design crisis!” She would love changing it up even more often than she does right now: “There are so many things I feel I would’ve done differently now if I was remodeling again, such as getting rid of our second fire place. We rarely use the first one, let alone the second one! It would free up so much space. But that is just me, I know in two years I will want to do it differently again.”

Jungle and exploring themes for the kids

However, with over 22.200 followers on Instagram, we can safely disagree with Janelle’s modest description of her interior decorating style. On the contrary, by sharing DIY’s and the hacks she uses in her own home, she provides a lot of inspiration to her followers. On her feed and in her stories she regularly shares her tips and shows us her decorating progress, so her followers can join in on every step of Janelle’s steady stream of interior improvement schemes.

Janelle uses Instagram as a source of inspiration: “After Carson was born I got really into design. I started my Instagram account about one month after he was born. I needed something to do while nursing and a creative outlet that was just for me. With all of that inspiration I found my style start to evolve.”

The kids both have their own rooms. The eldest, 3-year-old Sienna has a jungle theme. Janelle: “There is pink wallpaper, a tepee and then pictures of elephants and zebras throughout.  I wanted it to be bold but the artwork simple.” One-year-old Carson has an exploring theme. “He is definitely my little explorer!”  The couple converted their garage into a playroom, so the children’s toys are in there. 

Janelle intends to keep going with her Instagram account: “I love the collaborations and the friendships that I have made. It really is an amazing community and as much as I can get burned out, I miss the friends when I am away. Everyone is so supportive. I appreciate all of the support that this community offers.”

You can find Janelle’s Instagram account here: @burnettbungalow. She also has a lovely blog: 

All pictures were taken by Janelle, who has given me her kind permission to use them for this blog post.