Inspiration: Joscha and Sarah

Sarah started organizing little Eddie’s gifts in rainbow order, and before she knew it, she had stumbled upon a bright and fun interior solution that works really well for the family of three.

Rainbow and dino happiness

Where: Hannover, Germany

Who: Sarah (34) and Joscha (34), Eddie (2)

Type of house: A single-family house from 1910

Living surface: 180 m2

In a nutshell: Mix and match, just ‘hygge’

“There is no place in a home where you can work as creative and unconventional as in the kidsroom,” Sarah says. Sarah is the mother of 2-year-old Eddie and she and her fiancé Joscha live in a single-family house with a little garden in Hannover, Germany.

“It was love at first sight,” Sarah explains about their two story house. “The house has many beautiful wooden details, such as wooden flooring and a beautiful wooden staircase in our big entry hall.” Most doors in the house are made of massive wood, and most of them have different door handles. Besides a dining- and living room, the house contains three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The couple got a lovely surprise when they removed the wallpaper in the dining room. Sarah: “We uncovered a beautiful green looking patina on the original wall.” To emphasize this color, the couple painted the other walls white and now the green wall functions as a conversation starter every time new people visit the little family.

Sarah loves spending time in the living room because of its warm atmosphere, but as a family they spend most of their time at the upper floor at Eddies room, where they just play, read books, cuddle or hang out.

Gifts turned into rainbows

Sarah and her husband didn’t have a set plan for the nursery when their son Eddie was born. Instead, the many gifts that they received turned out to be the key to the colourful kidsroom. Sarah: “None of the gifts fitted together, because they were all different in size, shape and colour, so I started organizing them in the colours of the rainbow.” And then the rainbow theme was born. Sarah added loads of dinosaurs in every corner to give the room a boyish character.

A lot of Sarah’s inspiration comes from Instagram, where she became an active member when Eddie was 6 months old. She says: “It is such an inspiring place where you can find the most different styles all at one place. I started on Instagram because spending time at home with a baby is wonderful, but it can also a bit lonely sometimes. Instagram was a way to take part in a social world without leaving my home.”

Sarah is the driving force behind most interior decisions at home, but she and her fiancé usually decide together on what they should do in the house. The couple didn’t change their style much after Eddie entered their lives. “But I’ve stopped decorating on the floor or in any reachable height,” Sarah adds smilingly. She can foresee a couple of changes coming though: “We have a white carpet in the living room, and I know that the moment will come that I regret it. Especially when I see Eddie walking over it with pasta and tomato sauce on his plate.”

For the moment Sarah enjoys showing Eddies room on Instagram, but she might change the scope of her account in the future: “This is something I’ll let come to me, but at the moment I love the children’s universe, it is the most creative part of our house.”

All pictures in this article are made by Sarah, who has given me her kind permission to use them.

You can follow Sarah for more rainbow and dino inspiration on Instagram, @eddie_eisbaer