Inspiration: Sam & Luzaan

At Luzaan and Sam’s house, their two daughters have loads of lovely toys to play with. But you won’t find Peppa Pig or Paw Patrol, not even when mother-in-law secretly sneaks it into the house.

Versatile interior with Scandinavian twist

Where: Wokingham, Berkshire, United Kingdom
Who: Luzaan, Sam, Chloe (4) and Zoe (3)
Type of house: Semi-detached three-bedroom house
In a nutshell: Small, but very cosy

Same corner, four different ways of styling it.

“Once when we were on holiday and came back home, my mother in law had covered the girls room in Peppa Pig wall decals and bright pink hearts. I was mortified and eventually couldn’t handle it any longer and got rid of it all!”

To be fair, the couple lived at Luzaan’s mother in law at that time and she had decorated the room to please her grandchildren, who loved it. However, Luzaan wasn’t a big fan and when they moved into their own home, Luzaan assumed firm control over all the interior decisions at their home.

“I definitely make the interior decisions at our place, even down to colour of our google home. My husband appreciates my interior style I think. If my kids had a say, their bedrooms would be covered in Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig, so no, the kids are not part of the decorating process at our place,” says Luzaan, mother of Chloe and Zoe, 4  and 3 years old.

The family of four lives in a semi-detached three-bedroom house in Wokingham, United Kingdom. Luzaan: “It’s a two-story house, with two double bedrooms and one single. We have one bathroom, a living/dining room and a small kitchen.” 

They four of them spend most of their time in the living room. Luzaan says: “Most of the girls’ toys are in the living room and my husband and I love winding down with a movie or series in the evenings. We have the Ikea Trofast storage unit and that holds most of the girls’ toys. We also have Ikea’s upcycled kitchen and a DIY washing machine in the living room. I’d moved all these upstairs a while ago and the girls just didn’t play with their toys as much, so I moved it all back.

Online interior inspiration

Luzaan gets much of her inspiration from social media, such as Instagram and Pinterest. She says: “Our interiors have changed a lot. I’ve found so much inspiration online. I don’t think our interior will ever stay the same, it keeps changing. I constantly get an itch to change things up.”

She doesn’t rush into the decorating process. Luzaan started by making a mood board for Zoe’s room, that she has been working on executing over the last couple of months. Luzaan says: “I just love interiors, especially kids’ interior. I love how versatile it is and that you can switch things up whenever you feel like it. Interiors make me happy and excited, it’s something everyone has in common, no matter how different everyone’s style is.”

Luzaan also likes to add personal touches by adding some DIY projects, such as the DIY washing machine in the living room. However, she would love to do more, but, as any mom of two, she is faced with time management issues: “I love a good DIY and/or upcycle project, time is the problem.”

That doesn’t mean she doesn’t have plans for their home: “I would love to paint some rooms and renovate our kitchen and bathroom, we have a very nice landlord so that might be possible in the near future.”

If you would like to see more of Luzaan’s interior or her gorgeous girls, then you can find it at her Instagram account @we_are_the_shaws

All pictures were made by Luzaan from @we_are_the_shaws, who has given me her kind permission to use them for this blog post.