Do you ever wonder, how other parents find a balance between stylish and kid proof living? Here I show you how other families are tackling the issue.

The families tell us all about their challenges and triumphs in the interior decorating department, whilst living with kids under the age of nine.

Sam & Luzaan

At Luzaan and Sam’s house, you won’t find Peppa Pig or Paw Patrol, not even when mother-in-law secretly sneaks it into the house.

George & Janelle

Janelle calls her ever changing interior style jokingly a permanent design crisis, but her 22.200 Instagram followers beg to differ.

Joscha & Sarah

Rainbows, dino’s and a deep blue wall are some of the ingredients that make this boysroom so special!

Tijn & Jules

Kidsroom design is Jules’ passion and she has put a lot of love into her son’s nurseries. 


How did I get into interior design? Well, my father might have something to do with it!

Brian & Maria

No stationary toys in the living room and a well-functioning storage system make Brian and Maria’s apartment a lovely place for all family members.

Joost & Jannine

Just clean up, if you want a tidy home with small kids!

Riad & Laila

This family mixes business and pleasure in their Scandinavian interior.

Ries & Iris

Meet this family of three in their lovely The Hague home.

Lars & Julie

Lars and Julie agree on the fact that color gives life. But they disagree on how to incorporate it in their interior.

Paul & Poonam

Poonam and her husband live in their dream home with their 4-yo son. (Picture by Cathy Pyle)

Matthijs & Wendy

This couple upcycles family pieces to make them their own.

Søren & Mira

This family’s interior is based on the mood of the artwork on the walls.


Jakob & Mathilde

By customizing their apartment, this family has created a smart and fun universe for kids and adults.

Claus & Lizzie

Mama is always watching in this gorgeous apartment in Frederiksberg.

Brian & Eliana

‘We agree to disagree about our interior. But we both love decorating our son’s room.’

Deniz & Jannie

Style over function a bad idea? Not if you do it well! Find inspiration on how to execute it flawlessly.

Jesper & Camilla

In this real Scandinavian deal, you’ll find affordable Scandinavian design, suited for both adults and kids.

Tim & Laura

This couple only chooses toys and furniture for their son, that already fits into their existing interior.


Mark & Noor

Wanting to live close to the city center, but away from the city’s noise and its traffic, drove Mark and me to unknown territory. We fell in love with a town house built in 2011.