Playful posters

Danish start-up company Villum Vito designs and sells colourful posters to stimulate children’s imagination. “It’s my mission to add a little happiness to the world with my posters,” says owner Christina Stenderup.

 Almost one year ago Villum Vito was founded by Christina Stenderup. “I have always been passionate about drawing and I have a natural interest for the use of language. When one of my close friends gave birth to a baby boy, I made my first poster for him as a gift. This really got me hooked on the idea of turning my drawings into a business.”

An intense period started, where Christina not only transformed her best creations to posters for sale, but also had a steep learning curve in being an independent entrepreneur. At this point, Villum Vito sells six unique posters on its online shop.

A lot of thought has gone into designing the posters, Christina says: “My posters are made to make children happy and to help them learn by having fun.” This is why Christina’s posters all have repetitive patterns and broad colour palettes incorporated into them. Some of the posters also contain small nursery rhymes or separate words in Danish. “These elements are meant as conversation starters,” Christina explains, “they can help parents in taking abstract learning to the level of a baby or a toddler.”

As an example, Christina describes her poster På min gård, which means at my farm in Danish. “One of the obvious elements for learning in this poster, are the animal sounds, that I’ve written on it. But as the child gets a little older, you can also start talking about how a farm is run, or you can try to act like one of the animals. How does the rabbit hop, or where does the cow live? The important thing is that nothing is right or wrong, as long as the imagination is used. And this can be done in infinite ways.”

Christina deliberately uses a lot of colours in her posters: “I think many Danish people are a little afraid of colour. Danish homes are usually very well decorated, but neutral tones dominate. I love to inject a little colour into these interiors.” The colour palette that Christina uses is not too flashy though: “You don’t have to use neon’s to be able to bring a little colour into the nursery.”

While her posters are intended to create a form for intimacy between parents and their children, this mindful and sustainable approach is also adopted in Christina’s production process. Christina: “I use certified ecological paper for my prints, so I don’t put a heavier imprint on the environment than necessary. I also have my posters printed locally in Denmark. I want to support Danish companies and at the same time eliminate some of the CO2 that comes with long distance transport.”

The next period of time, Christina focusses on creating a stable base for Villum Vito to grow on. After that she will be adding new elements to her shop: “There are more exciting things in the pipeline.” Until then, we can enjoy the playful posters that Villum Vito has created for us.

If you are curious about Christina’s posters, you can find them on Villum Vito’s website or at Villum Vito’s Instagram. At the moment Villum Vito’s posters are only sold in Denmark.

You can also head to my Instagram page, where I’ll be giving away one of her lovely posters to a Danish winner (winner gets to choose) on March 7th 2019.

All pictures are made by Christina Stenderup, who has given me her kind permission to use them on my blog.