Inspiration: Søren and Mira

Mira decorates with her eyes, and Søren from a functional perspective. This combination gives a varied interior, where the different zones in the apartment are connected by the artwork on the walls. 

Color coordinated apartment for three

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

Who: Søren and Mira, Vilje (1) and dog Zelda

Type: Apartment

Living surface: 105m2 

In a nutshell: ‘Our interior decoration is an ongoing process’

‘A lot of our interior design choices are based on the mood and colors of the paintings of my father, painter Ole Frederik Olsen. All paintings have a deep personal meaning to me,’ says Mira, while she shows me around in their light and spacious apartment on the fifth floor in Copenhagen.

The couple’s home consists of two bedrooms on each side of the apartment, connected by a large combined kitchen/livingroom with gorgeous views over Kalvebod Fælled, a nature conservation area on the utmost south-west corner of the municipality of Copenhagen.

The combined kitchen/livingroom is divided in several areas, that each have their own function, decoration and vibe. Mira: ‘I like to create small stages in here, and I decorate each area after its function.’ The areas are connected by Mira’s father’s paintings, creating coherence and flow in the apartment.

‘We hung this darker painting in our livingroom for example, and therefore we dared to place a dark couch and stern materials for our furniture in the lounging area,’ Mira explains. In the dining area, a lighter painting brightens the corner, where a little dresser is placed. The dresser compliments the painting in its colors and does not distract from the artwork in its simplicity.

On the floor, both daughter Vilje and dog Zelda are enjoying themselves by playing with a ball. Vilje sits on the colored tiles of her playing mat, but not for long, because the whole space is her domain. Happily, she crawls to the kitchen, where father Søren has created a little urban jungle in adult-height, so Vilje can’t reach it. ‘Yeah,’ Mira laughs, ‘we probably would have had these herbs and plants closer to the floor, if we hadn’t had Vilje crawling here.’

Mira: ‘I was pregnant when we moved in, so we decorated it with the arrival of our child in mind.’ Vilje got the bedroom next to the kitchen, and Søren and Mira moved into the other bedroom. The couple’s home office was placed in the living room.

‘We didn’t think it was going to be a problem to have the office in the livingroom, because we like to be close to each other,’ Mira says. This was not the case though, the young family found out: ‘It was too stressful. We were constantly tidying up to keep it nice and breathable in here. Also, it is pretty intense to become a parent for the first time, so we felt like we should also be able to retreat every once in a while, especially when we needed to work from home.’

This realization set a huge internal moving process in motion: ‘We changed almost everything in our interior when Vilje started crawling.’ They swapped bedrooms and the office was placed in Vilje’s room.

Mira: ‘It’s much better this way. Vilje doesn’t mind that there is a desk in her room, she’s too young to realize. And she sleeps in our bedroom in her crib, so she still feels safe and at ease at night.’

For the moment, the couple isn’t planning any changes quite as big to their interior. ‘But,’ Mira says smilingly: ‘Our decorating process is always evolving, so we might change things up again in the near future.’

If you’ve gotten curious about Ole Frederik Olsen’s paintings and artwork, feel free to pay his website a visit: